Art Activities
at EAC

Art Classes

To encourage the arts in the community and to educate adult art enthusiasts of any age with affordable workshops, demonstrations and outings that are run by our teacher-members and local professional artists.


To grow EAC to become a hub of the arts in Enfield. Making it accessible to more senior citizens who are looking for a local art community, but also reaching out to a younger generation of art enthusiasts that will provide the new generation of artists.

Art Talks

On the second Thursday of most months we invite a guest speaker to visit the St Andrews Church Hall to give a two-hour lecture, activity demonstration, appraisal session or method tutorial. The evenings are open to all comers but non-members must pay £5 to attend.

Painting outdoors

Among our popular Summer features are the afternoon outdoor sketching and water-colouring sessions. These give members a chance to meet casually in a local setting and commune with nature while working plein air on whatever takes their random fancy. Experienced tutors will be on hand.